Advantages of Using Roof Clip

Roof clip is one of the best training tools to use for new sales reps. Their supervisor can mark the damage with roof clips and let the new sales rep meet the adjuster on their own. They will feel more confident faster by not having to search for the damage themselves or wonder if the adjuster will accept what they point out as damage.

Work safer and faster:

Some roofs are unsafe or very steep to climb several times. Roof clips allow you to climb them once and keep the damage marked as long as you need to. We also have testimonials from adjusters saying how much time it saved them during the adjustment. Roof clips allow you to be on the roof for less time making it less likely to get hurt. Use roof clips to mark dangerous shingles that are loose and can slide out from under your feet. They help avoid accidents like these.

Create a better visual for the home owner:

Roof clip can help show the urgency a home owner should have when filing a claim. You can put a few clips per slope to show minimal damage or you can mark every shingle you find damaged which helps show how severe the damage is. This helps to get the home owner to file the claim faster, the clips also serve as a reminder to the home owner since they can see them from the ground and they remain on the roof until the adjuster gets there.

You can use roof clips to mark certain areas for roof crews that need repaired. No more guessing or hoping they replace the right shingles. Mark the exact shingles that need replaced. The roof clips can also hold shingles in place to simulate repairs that won’t match, making it easier to document.

Future inspections/be in multiple places at once.

Roof clip was designed so that an adjuster can see exactly what you want them to without having being there in person. If you have multiple adjustments scheduled or can’t make an adjustment roof clip lest the adjuster see what damage you found. You can also put a QR code on a roof clip that has your photo report and estimate attached. This way when the adjuster is there to take pictures he will see the QR code and will have all the info he needs. This will be most useful if adjusters use drones to conduct the inspection.

Roof clips are great for using on larger inspections like multi family or an assisted living center. Those commercial claims can take months and can have several inspections. Instead of using chalk and having to find the damage several times roof clips make life much easier by keeping everything marked the first time. Even if the claim takes 6 months and 4 inspections you only have to do the work once.